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Complete Road Construction and Rehabilitation
Our expertise in road construction ranges from state and federal highway projects to smaller county and township roads. These projects generally involve a wide range of services, including excavation and grading, clearing and grubbing, and the construction of sub-grades and drainage systems, as well as asphalt paving.

We are also experienced in the management of roadway sealing, patching, crack filling, guide rail and sign installation, highway lighting, box culverts, complete roadway recycling, and even small bridges.

IA Construction is pre-qualified in the state of Pennsylvania with sixty-two (62) classifications for General Highway Contractor work, twenty-three (23) classifications in the state of West Virginia, and fourteen (14) classifications in the state of Ohio.

Hot Mix and Aggregate Production and Sales
IA Construction operates nine Department of Transportation approved hot mix asphalt plants located throughout western Pennsylvania and western Maryland. The facilities produce and provide a wide assortment of asphalt mixes that are either used at IA work sites or shipped to other public and private projects.

We also operate three aggregate locations in northwestern Pennsylvania and southwestern New York.

Resurfacing and Paving
IA Construction is capable of handling projects of all sizes, from FAA approved runways and parking lots to high school athletic tracks and tennis courts. By producing our own material, we are able to control production, quality, and delivery.

As a company, we have received numerous awards from various statewide and national agencies for our exceptional work. The continual upgrading and expansion of our fleet of equipment allows us to handle new and challenging projects on a regular basis.

Site Preparation and Completion
With state-of-the-art equipment and years of experience, IA provides full site preparation, including clearing and grubbing, excavating, grading, aggregate base, and drainage.

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