About Us


Leaving Our Legacy on the Nation’s Transportation Infrastructure

Throughout our history, our commitment to delivering excellent products and services has remained constant. From manufacturing contributions in the 1920s to our present focus on construction, IA Construction Corporation continues to prioritize providing the best possible value to its customers.


Interstate Amiesite was established and licensed to produce amiesite, a patented cold-mix, cold-laid bituminous concrete material that played a significant role in early road building.


The Interstate Amiesite product was placed on Maine Street in Newark, Delaware, by the Amiesite Asphalt Company of America.


The company evolved into a full-fledged paving contractor, expanding its services and impact in the construction industry.

Late 1980s

Reflecting its diversification from paving to general contracting, Interstate Amiesite underwent a name change to become IA Construction Corporation.

Over the years, IA Construction Corp. acquired companies like Emlenton Limestone, General Concrete Products, Cumberland Contracting, and more.

May 1989

Colas acquired IA Holdings Corporation.


IA Construction Corp. owned five regional offices managing fifteen bituminous concrete plants, seven aggregate plants, and three shops, with a strong presence in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and New York.


Barrett Industries Corporation incorporated IA Construction Corp. into its group, maintaining local roots with the extensive expertise and resources of a global network. The acquisition led to strategic mergers, including the integration of HMA plants and the sale of certain bituminous concrete plants.

Building a Strong Future

Since the beginning, IA Construction Corp. has provided materials and construction services to the private, commercial, and public works markets. We continue to grow in experience and expertise, offering highway construction and paving products and services to western Pennsylvania, New York, and Maryland. We take pride in delivering excellent products and services.

We remain committed to achieving long-term growth and profitability, all while upholding the highest standards of safety, quality, and integrity.