IA Construction Corporation

Respecting and protecting the environment are invaluable to IA Construction Corporation’s responsible attitude in all aspects of our business. IA Construction Corporation is committed to being a responsible organization and we constantly looking to improve our business activities to ensure that we act as responsible stewards of our natural resources. Ensuring energy efficiency and maximizing the use of recycled products is fundamental in each of our facilities and job sites.

Sustainable development: a priority

Preserving the environment is one of the IA’s priorities. It is part of our comprehensive policy in favor of Sustainable Development. Research is based on the principle of continual improvement. It involves the entire production, construction, and maintenance chain, from the extraction of raw materials to the end of the pavement’s service life.

The research program focus on the following:

reducing the consumption of natural resources

reducing energy consumption

reducing greenhouse gas emissions

increase the recycling of industrial and worksite waste

developing environmentally-friendly products and techniques

Social Acceptance of Production Sites

IA Construction Corporation is dedicated to making its facilities as environmentally-friendly as possible and developing an ongoing dialogue with local residents. We believe that communication is essential to understanding the needs of local communities, explaining exactly what IA Construction Corporation does, constructively working toward mutual understanding and satisfaction and preventing crisis situations.