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Lab Services

IA Construction has operated an AMRL Inspected Aggregate and Soils Testing Laboratory at the Franklin, PA location since 2002. The purpose of this testing facility is to provide not only IA with timely and accurate aggregate QC & QA testing for our various mine sites and project field samples but also to provide outside clients with the same.

The Lab

employs Pennsylvania and New York state Department of Transportation test methods along with AASHTO & ASTM test methods as required. Some of the tests we perform are sulfate soundness, washed sieve analysis, LA Abrasion, uncompacted voids, moisture density, relationship of soils, and more.

If we can be of service, please call the Franklin Office at (814) 432-3184 or email: kevin.casper@iaconstruction.com


IA Construction’s commitment to safety and innovation continues through our constant updating to the newest equipment. In 2017 IA purchased three new Peterbilt trucks that further our mission of safety and efficiency.

Drone Capabilities

Drone technology has blossomed in recent years and can provide excellent capabilities for measuring stockpile inventories at IA’s various aggregate operations and asphalt plant locations. When needed, a quick visit to each site and a few minutes of drone flight time over a desired stockpile area can quickly yield stockpile volumes and inventory analysis. This method of measuring stockpiles helps determine and improve the process for productivity needs.