Our Services

Asphalt Paving

Paving Services

Most of our paving projects consist of municipal, FAA-regulated airports, and DOT let contracts. Our skilled operators, experienced supervisors, and fleet of paving construction equipment, have the ability to complete small to medium-sized projects to multi-million dollar contracts.

Paving Excellence

Several IA Construction Corporation paving projects have been awarded the NAPA Diamond Paving Commendation award. This recognition is awarded to companies whose paving crew demonstrates safe, well-educated practices that result in a high-quality end product. Proper training and compliance are key to receiving this award, and our continued commitment to quality separates us from the competition.

Paving Operations

Our paving division also services commercial contracts. We provide specialized commercial paving operations for many types of applications, including:

DOT projects
New Housing Developments
Running Tracks
Township Roadways
Government Facilities